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Simona I.,  

"This is the best place to come for your dental care. I have been a patient of Dr Greg Herzberg and his wife, Dr Kayee Herzberg for several years. Both of them are AMAZING ! I needed extensive dental work in the past, and very complicated too. Dr Kayee is an amazing diagnostician (the Best), has the lightest touch, and is a perfectionist! She won’t rest until she is satisfied with her work. She, and Dr Greg, saved me from a lot of pain, saved me some teeth, and gave me some absolutely perfect implants. They are very approachable, friendly, down to earth, and always put their patients first. I am beyond happy, and so grateful to have found them both! The office is nice, clean, calm atmosphere, staff is friendly and very accommodating. Thank you, Dr Greg and Dr K ❤️."

Teet, S.  Yelp

"Hubby and I have been seeing Dr H for almost 2 years. We are in our 50's -- so virtually everything is falling apart. We've probably spent $30K on dental work with Dr. H in this time -- so read this carefully -- as the review is based on both of our experiences. I have 2 phobias -- cockroaches and dentists! At 58, Dr. H might be the first dentist I've had that just might rid me of my phobia of dentists. He is kind, gentle, informative, conservative.... all the things we want in our Doctors. And when our insurance changed, he was willing to work with us. He is also the first dentist I've ever seen who offers nitrous oxide. Some do not -- IDK why. I need the gas for big procedures while hubby does not -- so my review isn't tainted with the fact that i NEVER FEEL PAIN when seeing Dr. H. His wife is also a dentist -- who pitches in when he is slammed. I love the fact that it's a family operation -- as I know they consult with each other on best course of action for a patient. I'm also a Mom -- who insists that her 2 adult age children see him. I think that's the biggest endorsement of all -- when a Mom is wanting her children to go there. I just saw him today -- and was totally impressed that he remembered seeing my son (1 year ago) -- and remembered specific details about him. He pays attention to the small things -- which is a supremely important characteristic of any physician. Also love the staff -- engaging, pleasant and make you feel like you are the most important person on the planet."

Fung, S.,  Yelp

"Fractured my tooth over the holidays, gave Dr. Herzberg a call and was able to do an emergency extraction the day after Christmas even though the office was closed. I'm very thankful for Dr. Herzberg and his staff to come in on their day off to work on me. They were friendly and knowledgeable throughout the procedure. Looking forward to get my implant in a few months! I'd highly recommend this dental office for all of their dental needs!"

Kathie S.,  

"Dr. Hertzberg and his team are simply wonderful. I am a "need to know" what we are doing and why kind of gal. They consistently explain everything to me. Very attentive regarding how I am experiencing any procedures (comfort) and respond immediately."

Michala, R.,  Yelp

"I have attending Ken Caryl Dentistry for a year now and they are amazing!!! I was a dental assistant for 4 years and this place doesn't try to sell you services you don't need. Whole staff is nice from front office to back office. I highly recommend this dental office to anyone looking for quality care."

Lisa M.,  

"Dr Herzberg does amazing dentistry work! He placed a back molar implant and also a crown for me. The fit is perfect and they look great! Everyone at the office is very professional and friendly! Love this dentist office! I would highly recommend this office to anyone who needs a great dentist!" 

Tina G.,

"Thank You so much!  I had a great experience.  I had to have an emergency procedure done and Dr. Herzberg was able to fit me in the same day!  I was extremely stressed out but he quickly allayed my fears.  His experties was top-notch and I highly recommend him and his staff."

Marie A.,

"I am a very anxious patient, and I have a problem with grinding my teeth. My first encounter with Dr. Greg Herzberg,  was because my nightguard broke, and I was very worried about sleeping without it. My friend recommended Dr Herzberg. He saw me the same day and I was impressed by his patience and efficiency. He, himself, took the impression, after the staff had left, at the end of the day. He took it so fast and expertly that for the first time in my life, I did not gag. I was so pleased with the experience, that I went back to see him, to replace a failing crown. Again, the kindness, relaxed demeanor and professionalism of Dr. Herzberg eased my anxieties. These two experiences were pain and problem free. I understand that Dr Herzberg is very experienced in dental surgery and implants. I will definitely follow up with him soon."

Mimi Y.

"Dr. Herzberg and his staff are super nice, patient, professional, and knowledgeable. They take the time to explain everything. I had some tooth pain and was new to the area.  Laura, the receptionist, got me in for a quick inspection at the end of the day. I was super anxious to get the filling that I needed, but they worked with me even when I was panicking. His personality is really inviting and cool. His is very efficient time wise, but he does not rush. The office aesthetic is bright, pleasant, and warm. I'm sure you'll be pleased with your service should you choose Dr. Herzberg and his staff."

Paul H. Yelp

"I'm a retired dentist and needed care in emergency while traveling.  Dr. Herzberg treated me with the highest level of skill and care.  I was so pleased to have been seen promptly, efficiently and painlessly.  This enabled me to continue my journey.  The people of Ken Caryl are lucky to have a dental professional of such high quality.  Thanks again and good luck."

Kelly F., Yelp

"Going to the dentist is totally not my thing, which I think most people would agree with. Getting me there is a real process. However when I moved to Colorado I started going to Dr. H he totally altered my view on going to the dentist, His approach was gentle and caring. He made great conversation and is very funny. My dreaded dentist visits came now with ease. He is very thorough in his skill and always allows time for questions, I never feel like he rushes out after a check up like some dentists. He is someone I would highly recommend , 110%"

Holly L.,

"I chipped my tooth and Dr. Herzberg was able to get me in with in a few days. I came in and was seen on time. The procedure took about 20 minutes and the whole time he made sure I was comfortable and happy with my tooth. Definitely will come back and and recommend everyone to him, he 's awesome!!"

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