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Teeth whitening provides an opportunity for you to achieve a glamorous and radiant smile.  Our teeth whitening treatment provides dramatic results through the use of Ultradent Opalescence products.  We provide take-home gels for use with custom made trays.

The procedure involves taking impressions of the upper and lower teeth.    This process can be completed within a half hour.  The custom trays will be made within a few days.  Depending on the strength of the bleaching product used, the color of your smile can be improved by up to eight shades.  You can often see initial results after just one day of treatment.  Take home teeth whitening does not damage teeth and enables you to achieve impressive results quickly.  Perhaps the greatest advantage is that you can maintain your whiter tooth shade, affordably and convieniently at home.  We can supply inexpensive whitening gel refill kits any time you need.

Years of staining from coffee, tea or red wine drinking, aging, smoking, and flavored drinks can be erased with teeth whitening.  To schedule your consultation and discuss your goals with Dr. Greg Herzberg, please call our office today.